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Welcome to Peace Corps | Belize

Peace Corps Belize is one of the longest continuously running Peace Corps programs in the region and since 1962, more than 1800 volunteers have served at the community level throughout the country. In 2012, Peace Corps Belize celebrated its 50th anniversary and signed a new formal agreement with the Belizean Ministry of Health. The Rural Family Health Project (RFHP) was officially launched in 2013 and with the arrival of the pioneer RFHP 1 Volunteers, Peace Corps began focus on the prevention of non-communicable diseases and the promotion of maternal and child health. We work as a small and close-knit team dedicated to the development of Belize, to fostering peace and friendship between Belizeans and Americans, and to promoting our Volunteers as global leaders.

Peace Corps Belize Annual Report 2014

Peace Corps Belize Annual Report 2015